Having been around for over 150 years, Imperial and Kimmswick preserve much of St. Louis’ history. The residents, however, are a testament to the areas appeal to young people and families.

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Kimmswick today is a hub of historical activity that includes tourism, retail, and festivals. Much of the real estate available, however, is in neighboring Imperial (formerly West Kimmswick). Although most homes are built on historic frames and brick structures, there is also a fair amount of new construction in these towns. The population tend to be younger, with small families being common. 


These neighborhoods were a stopping point for trading in the 1800s. Kimmswick was founded by Theodore Kimm, a successful dry goods merchant, in 1859.  By the mid-1800s, Kimmswick became an industrial center, with an iron forge, grist mill, limestone quarries, a brewery, and even large greenhouses that shipped fresh flowers to all parts of the St. Louis region. 

History buffs will be interested to learn that Imperial is home to the Mastodon State Historic Site, which features information and displays of fossils key to the area.


Located strategically along the Mississippi River and near railroad lines, the neighborhood is a short drive from St. Louis by way of Highway 55.


Almost frozen in time, Kimmswick offers a number of unique shops held in historic homes and buildings that date back to the mid 1800’s. There is also birdwatching and hiking in area, which is probably one reason people make it a day to come to the neighborhood. 


Attractions are sweet with Apple Butter and Strawberry festivals. The neighborhood Riverboat Cruise offers a new way to explore St. Louis’ history, and the Anheuser Museum and Estate Tours let residents get an inside look on the famous brew family.  


Imperial and Kimmswick is part of the Windsor C-1 School District. There are more than 3,000 students enrolled in the five schools of the district.


Mastodon State Historic Site | Famous for its ice age fossils and giant mastodon bones, this park also features trails, picnic sites, bird watching, and a museum. 

Arnold City Park | The 68-acre park has an 8-acre fishing lake and four pavilions, each with electric and BBQ pits. The park also has two playgrounds, a paved 1/2 mile walking trail, two softball fields, two horseshoe pits, restrooms, and a tennis court.


Population: 4,373

Zip Codes: 63052, 63053

Hospital: St. Anthony’s, Jefferson Memorial

Libraries: Windsor Branch 

Connect: Visit Kimmswick


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